Film Experience: Kiana, a New Challenge

March 16, 2013 Journal 0 Comments

It’s March 2013. My buddy Hallam Drury from Australia hits me up and says he’s got an idea for a short film. Not only that, but he’s managed to rope our friend Luke Sheehan into the project. Obviously, my interest was easily piqued.

Hallam Editing the film

Writer and Director

The premise for Kiana is as follows: “What if life’s most natural decision became its hardest?” Kiana is a short film that explores a young couple’s decision to have a child and its unintended consequences on everyone around them.

Kiana Film Edit 02

The guys put in a lot of hard to work get the movie funded. But they never forgot to have fun along the way. Although Luke had some prior experience to filming, these were uncharted waters for Hallam. Nevertheless, he faced the challenge head on. I showed my support for the project by sharing it on Facebook, but I got more actively involved when the need for props arose. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a good time contributing to this awesome project. And one of the coolest surprises came when Hallam sent me this message: “Hey, man, you’re on IMDB.” I mean, how cool is that?

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Kiana would go on to be shown at two international Film Festivals: the High Desert International Film Festival and the Vancouver International Film Festival.


Head on over to Vimeo and check out the film

Kiana Film