Kiana, Australian Film

Kiana, A Short Film

Kiana is The debut short film from Australian writer/director Hallam Drury, created with cinematographer Andy Johnson and producer Luke Sheehan. DesK provided some graphic input concerning the film’s main and alternate posters.

The film is an unfolding narrative that explores the decision to have a child in a unique context; Sam and Abbie’s plan to start a family will put them at odds with their closest friends and their community.

Kiana Poster Edited Cold Tone

Kiana Film Poster

Kiana Poster Edited Warm

Alternate “Warm,” Version

Featuring a stunning score by Jeffery Zampillo (ex-Exotic Animal Petting Zoo) and starring Jennifer Corren, Robert Zurobski, Natascha Szabo, Nick DeLillo, Eleni Dimitriadis, Kendall Drury and Amanda Marsden, the film is a character-driven drama that will implore audiences to imagine what they would do in the same situation.

The film is also a grant recipient of the 2012 Metro Screen Jumpstart program, one of Australia’s most recognised film industry bodies.

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